CBD and Hair Growth

Since the legalization of Hemp in 2017 we have discovered various medicinal properties of this plant. The upward trend of self-care, particularly for men, has created unique products and experiences for a new level of self-care. With the creation of high-end barbershops, styled beards and the importance of overall hair care for both genders, it’s no surprise that CBD has once again made its way to the front lines in the booming hair care industry.

What does CBD do for your hair?

According to a recent article written by Nina Aghadjanian, proprietor of the website Maneaddicts.com, the high vitamin E and rich fatty acids help nourish and produce stronger scalp tissues which in turn, produce stronger hair follicles. While CBD generally is not included in clinical trials due to the close relation to its cousin, marijuana, many of the research from CBD has come from grassroots individuals like Nina.

Is CBD good for hair growth?

The foundation set by CBD puts our body into an ideal condition for hair growth. CBD has been known to increase blood circulation and if applied to the scalp, this cerebral blood flow provides direct stimulation to that area and helps deliver nutrients to hair follicles allowing hair to become stronger and healthier.


Collectively, there has been a shift within consumerism. We are seeing more people exploring holistic, sustainable and organic options for all kinds of self-care, including hair care. Before these holistic approaches, we saw messy topicals, pills with side effects and hair transplants (ouch!). If you’re going to try something to prevent hair loss, why not try the most natural way possible?

Certified organic farm RDSP, LLC has partnered with a local barber shop in Southern Oregon on an exciting new venture which will include the infusion of RDSP‘s oil into hair products targeted for men which may include, Beard oil, pomade, shampoo and conditioner.

Stay tuned for the launch!