Is CBD Legal?

To toke or not to toke?  (Isn't that always the question?)

Maybe that's not really our focus here at Oregon Originals, but it does get to an underlying sentiment that drives not only our business but our entire industry.  

Customers want to enjoy our end product.  They need to know they can trust what they're getting, and everyone wants to be able to do that in a safe, legal environment.  We control that first part, of course, by guaranteeing the quality and integrity of our product, as we say, “from seed to sale”.  The second part, the legality, is easy enough for wholesalers like us, who know what they're doing and take the time to get it right.  On the consumer end it's a little more nuanced, so let's talk specifically about CBD.  We'll ask what makes hemp legal to grow, and how do you know if it's safe to consume?  

What Is CBD?

CBD of course is cannabidiol.  It's derived from the cannabis plants scientifically labeled Cannabis Sativa.  That includes the two most commonly known varieties: hemp and marijuana.  Each of these plants produces chemicals called cannabinoids, of which CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the ones that concern us.  

While both CBD and THC provide therapeutic benefits, THC is also an intoxicant.  It is therefore a controlled substance and illegal for general sale and consumption in the United States and several other countries.  What both substances do have in common is that their potency is affected by growing and extraction methods.  CBD and THC are both plant oils.  They are affected by amounts of light and soil quality in their growth, and by heat and moisture during extraction and warehousing.  

What Makes CBD Legal Or Not?

The hemp form of Cannaabis Sativa has been decriminalized in many countries, including the U.S. and Canada.  Legality stems from a basic percentage formula.  More than .3% THC levels classifies a cannabis plant as illegal.  That concentration is officially known as Delta9 THC.  Marijuana is well beyond this limit, while hemp is beneath it.  Delta9 THC is illegal federally and in almost all the states.  As an aside it should be noted that because legality is percentage based, the ban applies even to synthetic forms of THC that may be derived from legal forms of CBD.    

Pollination of the cannabis plants is a chief driver of the THC levels.  If a female cannabis plant never gets pollinated by elements from the male, then that plant's THC levels remain low.  Such plants can remain classified as hemp.  If those plants are pollinated, however, THC levels increase, and your hemp crop has now technically become 'marijuana'.  In terms of legality a field of hemp is perfectly within the law, while a farm filled with marijuana puts you in line for a felony.  There are legal allowances for marijuana use for research or medical purposes.  There are also legitimate ways to separate the THC from the CBD cleanly with chemical washing.  

How Do You Guarantee Legality and Integrity?  

Because of similarities between marijuana and hemp it is vital to know your product's history from its origins to its destination.  Methods of distribution are key, as are those regarding storage.  It's equally important to safeguard your product's integrity throughout its growth and cultivation.  We've seen how proper caring makes a difference here at Oregon Originals.  If you tend your plants correctly then maximizing CBD potency, while keeping THC levels in line, is a matter of your own diligence and expertise.  

We find extraction and drying with state of the art equipment guarantees better quality and customer satisfaction.  We store our dried buds in climate controlled spaces and guard them round the clock.  Like any valuable commodity, that ensures their safety, reliability and product integrity.  

Expertise in manufacturing has to be matched by security and integrity in shipping, of course. It's perfectly legal to ship CBD products.  We add a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to provide extra confidence for your customers.  You'll know our product has been tested for potency and quality because we guarantee its safety and integrity in writing.  

Are All CBD Products Legal?

Oregon Originals takes special care to produce only 100% organic CBD.  We certify our product to be full USDA organic and test rigorously, both internally and independently to maintain that standard.  That is why we, along with the consuming public, are wary of the few rogue producers whose end-products, especially in small shops or convenience stores, don't come as advertised.  CBD levels in those items can vary, and some products contain illegal THC levels.  Some of their offerings, in fact, shouldn't even be on the shelves.  We combat this market nuisance by delivering a consistently premium product ourselves.  By delivering safe and superior CBD products we maintain our well-earned reputation and try to set a standard for others.    

It might seem odd to suggest a wholesaler can have a positive impact on a retail environment.  Corporate integrity and quality assurance can translate downstream, however.  If the majority of companies doing business in an industry are transparent and honest, then outliers will find their days numbered, and at Oregon Originals we know this commitment certainly makes a difference.

Where can I buy CBD products?

Oregon Originals is a premium CBD brand located in Southern Oregon, the hemp capital of the world. We grow the very flower that is used to make all of our CBD products at our farm, RDSP Farms. We at Oregon Originals make all of our own products and sell them in our online store