ALTRSM’s products help fund the Sweetleaf Collective, the country’s oldest cannabis brand.


Ascend Delta 9

Ascend Delta 9 products can be purchased directly on the RDSP Farms online store.

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Habit Brand

Habit Brand's delta 8 products are powered by RDSP Farms. These products were made by RDSP Farms specifically to Matt Vincent's specifications.

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Lowell CBD

All Lowell CBD products were manufactured using USDA Certified Organic flower from RSDP Farms.

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Oregon Originals

All of Oregon Originals CBD products are innovations from the USDA Certified Organic CBD flower grown and harvested by RDSP Farms

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TAZ's Reserve

Welcome to the Delta 8 TAZneyLand! RDSP Farms is so excited to be co-branding with one of YouTube's most iconic influencers, the infamous TAZ.

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Unicorn Brand

Shop Unicorn Brand's wide range of magical Delta 8, HHC & THCO products that ship directly to your door!

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